Dear HEMAist! Great news! The registration for HEFFAC X is now open!

In three weeks, the weekend of 26 & 27 October in Haarlem, the Historical European
Fighting & Fencing Arts Coalition is celebrating already its 10th anniversary!🥇
Time flies! What could be a better place to celebrate it, than where the first event kicked off. This year the AMEK is proud to host HEFFAC X. And we look forward to sharing this experience with you.

What can you expect:
Top Dutch and Belgian HEMA instructors from all your favorite clubs! High level workshops, lectures, a new kind of tournament (surprise) and a cool HEMA auction (where you can win a lot of cool stuff) and of course tons of fun and games! Saturday evening we will all unwind and have dinner together in Haarlem .
These are just one of the highlights on the menu.

Catch up with your HEMA friends and get to know a lot of new ones.

New to HEMA?
HEMA is a martial arts that has been gaining a lot of popularity over the years. If you want to check out what Historical European Martial Arts is all about come and visit us and see what we are up to during this event! We are more than happy to answer all of your questions.


Alwin Goethals –
Majken Roelfzema – Longsword Basics
Bart Jongsma – Saber
Michel Rensen – Longsword
Cem Ates – Longsword schielhau/krumphau
Oskar ter Mors – Messer
Nick van der Lee – Poleaxe Jeu de la hache
Sean Wauters – zwaard & beukelaar
Bas Doeksen- Dagger
Mishaël- Lecture on Vor Nach Indes & mindset

As this is the 10th edition we wanted to do something special. A little more emphasis on the social aspect of HEMA than on competition. Still there is a tournament! But it’s quite informal. All participants start with the same amount of tokens. You challenge anyone you like and you get tokens when you win, depending on if you are the challenger or the challenged or if you decline an challenge. You can earn tokens also by attending workshops, a way to redeem yourself in case you lose all your fights and have no tokens left. You can gain more as the instructor will have some tokens as well, to give away to those that excel in his workshop.
We keep track of how many fights you won and in the end a few top fighters will come out and there will be ‘King of the Hill’ as a final challenge.
There will also be an auction, where you can use your acquired tokens and bid on the stuff you like.

We, the AMEK, hope to see you there to celebrate the 10 years union between the Lowlands Clubs!

For HEMA practitioners and HEFFAC members
Reserve your spot and register now.


WEBSITE http://www.heffac2019.nl/

AMEK: https://www.zwaardvechten.nl/

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